RAW ARTISTS a success !!!

L’exposition en plein air s’était jointe à la journée NATIONAL ART DRIVE par RAW ARTISTS CANADA. Voici la lettre de remerciement reçue des organisateurs.

Hello Canadian National Arts Drive Participants, 

RAW Artists Canada curates and organizes multi-media art events in 10 cities across the country.  Due to COVID-19 regular operations were halted on March 15, 2020.  Rather than sit back and wait for the time to be right to throw events again, the RAW team devised a plan to continue their mandate of « artists helping artists ». Over a 5 week period the RAW team volunteered hundreds of hours organizing the National Arts Drive.  The Drive was successful in creating hope, positivity and awareness to the importance of art and community admist a global pandemic.  It brought artists and communities together, giving an alternative way to display and perform within the confines of COVID-19.  All artists involved were integral in creating a multi-national movement!  

« Thank you to everyone for participating in the National Arts Drive.  Regardless if you had 100 people come by or zero, sold 10 pieces or 1 – you were in integral part of a movement spanning 3 countries.  A movement that brought communities together and shone a bright light on the importance of art.  You helped create a ground breaking and historic event.  Thousands of artists and hundreds of communities coming together – that is something special! »  Michelle Bylow, Executive Director RAW, Artists Canada

« We had a strong public relations strategy, reaching out to media outlets in place we had clusters of artists, sending out press releases, giving interviews and providing direction to our city Ambassadors.  We originally reached out to our core cities, however we received submissions from many smaller communities.  It was then that we knew we had something special; something few have attempted before especially in these unprecedented times.  We have learnt a lot from this pilot initiative and will implement those changes should we move forward on others. »  David Pattee, Director of Curation, RAW Artists Canada

3000+ artists participated across Canada, US and Mexico – just under 1000 Canadian! A big thank you to our City Ambassadors who worked hard to get the word out in their communities.   The National Arts Drive has received great press in Canada with over 30 online articles around the county.  You can view the full list of press coverage here

We are stronger together than apart!
The RAW Artists Canada Team