A new studio in a pine grove !!!

It’s done! My dream of living in the countryside has come true. I have just moved to the Eastern Townships, an area in the south of the province of Quebec (Canada). The house is large to accommodate two workshops, one for sculpture and the other for painting, a classroom and an office for writing and small business.

Located in the beautiful historic villages of Georgeville and Fitch Bay, which were merged into the Township of Stanstead (not to be confused with the small town of Stanstead nearby), the house rests on a pine forest of about 1,5 hectares. Deer, turkeys, marmots and raccoons frequent the woodlands and the surrounding areas of Lake Memphremagog, where you can see the changing reflections of our floor.

New creative projects and new educational programs are emerging and will soon be on the spot. To follow my news, subscribe to this blog and like my facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Artist.Nadia.Nadege/