Merging to Self… the miracle of rebirth

Curating the show of Jean-Guy Martel is an act of support for reinventing of Self. He is a sculptor that let bodies being born from his hands. Each creation is always driven by this idea of merging to Self. It is the reason this title for the show became obvious.

Jean-Guy Martel created his first sculpture at the age of 15. At this period of time, sculpting the wood was for him making bodies be born from the matter used by his hands. And 40 years later, the same purpose appears from his creating process. Bodies are merging from his clay work. It is a very sensitive exhibition that you can see at the Renee Blain Gallery

I was guiding him to build a show that expresses the heart of his artistic statement : merging to self. And I curated the installation  MORPHOSIS which is a powerful dramatic scene narrating the birth of individual purposes in the world, conducted by one inspiring mythological figure. Texts and catalog by Nadia NADEGE. 2017